Google Android O Says Goodbye To Ugly Emoji

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There were a lot of things that Google managed ti highlight at their Google I/O last week but one of the things that their fans seem excited about is the removal of the ugly blob emojis when Google release the new Android O.

At the event, Google showed off the new set of emojis and they look similar to the ones iOS is using right now. That is something that the fans have been asking for the longest time and it is nice to see that Google is finally going to do it.

The other emojis has also be upgraded so it looks more detailed now. Overall, their fans seem to be more pleased with the new emojis compared to the current emojis. Since Android 4.4, this is the first time Google have their emojis a real upgrade.

As if now, nobody really knows what the new Android O will be called when it arrives although most of the fans believe that it will be called the Android Oreo.

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