God Of War PS4: Not All Secrets Uncovered

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With the new God Of War game being released for some time now, you would think that the fans have already searched every corner of the game to look for any secret and easter egg that the game might have but it looks like there is still one that nobody has found.

According to Cory Barlog, there is still one thing that nobody has found. He added that he has not seen any stories about it so he is certain that that secret has not been uncovered yet.

Of course, he is not going to just reveal what the secret is and added that he is pretty impressed that they manage to hide it from their fans for so many weeks as most of the time, secrets like this are discovered within hours.

Looking at the size of the game, we are not surprised that some things slipped our fingers but now that Barlog has said this, the fans will be jumping back in to look for it. Hopefully, the secret will be uncovered soon.

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