GM Wants To Go Big With Their Wheels For The Future

It seems like automakers are rushing to offer bigger wheels with every new model they offer to the point where the 14 and 15inch options are no longer enough now with 19 and 20inch models being more common now.

According to GMAuthority, we can expect wheels to only get larger as the wheels are the ones that are grabbing the attention of the onlookers and they want to pay more attention to that when designing the vehicle.

It was added that GM could be looking at a 24inch and 26inch wheels. As for the design of the wheels, they have not decided if it will be an open or closed design adding that the style will need to match the design of the vehicle and at the end of the day, anything goes.

They also mentioned that the brakes will also be an important part of the design as they are no longer just there as a functional item anymore.