Ghost Of Tsushima: What We Know Now?

Ghost of Tsushima finally has a release date now and also a new story trailer so do check that out if you have not.

The new game by Sucker Punch will take is to the real-world Tsushima Island which was invaded by the Mongol Empire in 1274. The rebellion against the Mongol which was led by Samurai Jin Sakai was successful and that is what we will be following.

While it might sound violet, the game itself actually emphasizes on the serenity and natural beauty of the island. Players can ride their horses through the hills and forest although they will have to take down some Mongol soldiers from time to time.

Ghost of Tsushima will be arriving on the 26th of June on PS4. The game will arrive as a PS4 exclusive game and will cost $70 for the physical Special Edition model which comes with a Steelbook case and some digital extras.