Get Samsung Galaxy S6 Or S7? See The Difference More

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Perhaps the Samsung Galaxy S7 wasn’t as anticipating since we were somewhat “told” not to expect too much out of it, and surely, the Korean tech maker didn’t disappoint. Would you have a rough guess to see how the once-flagship Galaxy S6 and S7 stack up against one another, especially in terms of taking better photos?

The folks from HardwareZone could probably answer all those questions for you, because they’ve recently done some experimenting between the two. Before we go on to reveal the surprising (or unsurprising) answer, you’ll have to bear in mind that apparently, the Galaxy S7 can capture a good 56% more light on its image sensor (when compared to what its predecessor is able to).


Samsung Galaxy S6.

Samsung Galaxy S7.

Though we might see the obvious difference in brightness level shown in both the pictures above, and how much the S6’s result seems pleasing to the eyes for its vibrancy in colour accuracy, it’s the S7’s image that takes the cake. The S7 did better in terms of reproducing more hues on the subject against the naturally warm evening sun; so here we go pronouncing the S7 as the winner in the first comparison.

Stone lion statue

Samsung Galaxy S6.

Samsung Galaxy S7.

Here, we’ll be able to see the S7 once again grabs the upper hand with its amazingly spread out colour accuracy through its handling on the natural light from the evening sun, that could be seen through the bright leaves in the background. The Galaxy S6 produced something similar, but couldn’t really grasp the contrast between the bright background against a darker subject.

So there we have it. Of course the list isn’t exhaustive just yet, but at least we’ll know now that a camera that comes with a higher megapixel sensor might not produce a better image quality overall. Sometimes, less is really more.

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