Get iPad Air 3 Or Await iPad Pro 2016?

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2015 was certainly a great year that Apple has journeyed through with the release of several products – Apple Pay, the 12-inch MacBook, iPad Pro, Apple Music, Beats 1 and of course the Apple Watch – but looks like 2016 would be a very eventful year too. The iPad Air 3 is expected to be released sometime in March, and while there wouldn’t be an “iPad Pro 2”, there’s no escaping in questioning the impact of the iPad Pro on general iPad sales.

Rumours have been swirling around the iPad Air 3 suggesting that it could be more lightweight than the iPad Pro 2016 (as the name suggests). It’s expected to be thinner as well, compared to its predecessor, the iPad Air 2. It’s also worth mentioning that the iPad Air 3 could well be equipped with an A9X chipset and a 2K resolution with 3D display and will have a 13Mp rear camera. Nothing much have been released about it since.

As for the iPad Pro 2016, it’s most likely going to be released in limited quantity as Apple has reportedly gone conservative in iPad Pro sales. The reason being is that Apple wishes to provide stiff competition for its main rival, the Microsoft Surface Pro 4, which is said to be a “laptop killer” in terms of specs and performance.

So, it’s most likely got to do with a matter of opinion, after all. Think of it as also a matter of “different strokes for different folks”, thus, you’ll be able to decide on which tablet you should go after.

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