Genesis Teases Future New Coupe

All eyes might be on the upcoming GV80 now but that does not mean Genesis not exciting about what is to come in the future as the automakers started teasing their future models.

In the new image for the GV80, there were a few other models that were hidden in the background. According to the reports, it looks like we could be getting a family of a new Genesis vehicle along with what looks like a coupe model.

This shot could be found on the 29.30 marks of the Genesis GV80 debut. Of course, some of the models in the vehicle are existing models but since Genesis only has three models to offer now, it is clear that some fo those that models that we have not seen yet.

From what we can see, the upcoming coupe model looks very similar tot he Genesis Essentia concept that we saw a few years ago. As for what these models will be offering, we will just have to wait and see.