Genesis G90 To Rescue Hyundai In China

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While Hyundai has clearly made a lot of changes to their lineup and has worked hard to get to where they are right now, the Chinese market still does not have confident in Hyundai.

To gain the confidence of the Chinese market, Hyundai reveals that they will be opening a store in China. The store will not only showcase their SUV models but it will also assemble their Genesis models for China.

It is believed that most people in China feel like Hyundai is the manufacturer of cheap taxis which is why Hyundai is not viewed as a premium automaker in China. The arrival of the Genesis could help improve the identity crisis that Hyundai is facing in China right now.

We know that Hyundai plans to bring the Genesis models in two years time but no additional details were released. Do you think the Genesis has what it takes to save Hyundai?

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