General Motors 3-Cylinder Engine Plan For China Not Going To Work

It was reported earlier that GM is looking to start offering some of their models with three-cylinder engines in China but it looks like they might scrap that plan.

The initial plan was the replace the four-cylinder engines with the three-cylinder engines as it is cleaner and more fuel-efficient. According to Reuters, GM has now chosen to not go ahead with the plan as the consumers in China are not that interested in the small engine as they believe it is noisier and also vibrates more than the larger engine.

It was now added that GM will start to offer four-cylinder engines in some of the models that were previously only offered with three-cylinder engine options. This decision will hopefully allow them to gain back the trust of their customers in China.

GM is currently seeking approval for a four-cylinder version of the Chevrolet Cruze and Buick Excelle GT in China.