Gears Tactics: Gears Of War Spin-Off Has A Date Now

Gears of Wars fans that are looking for something that has a slower pace might want to check out the new announcement for Gears Tactic.

The new game will be a turn-based strategy game based on the popular third-person shooter. A new trailer for the game was released at The Game Awards this week. In the trailer, we see that players will be working to send Gears into battle against the Locust creatures which means this story will be set in the timeline of the original Gears trilogy.

It was also added that the game will have a story campaign of 40 hours or more so players will have a lot to do and see when the game arrives. It also suggests that players will be able to customize their Gears with weapons and cosmetic items.

Gears Tactic will be released on the 28th of April 2020 on PC and Xbox One.