Gears Tactic: Start Pre-Loading Now

Gears Tactics, the next big Microsoft exclusives game will be arriving by the end of April but players can already start pre-loading the game now so that they can jump right at the moment the game arrives.

Those that pre-orders the game or subscribe to the Xbox Game Pass for PC before May 4 will also get the Thrashball Cole character pack that will come with Augustus Cole in his Thrashball gear and has his own unique abilities.

The new game will take place 12 years before the events in the original Gears of War game. Players will be controlling Gabe Diaz, the father of Kait Diaz, the protagonist of Gears 5 and it is in this game that we will learn more about their family tree.

Gears Tactic will be arriving on the 28th of April while the Xbox One version will arrive at a later date.