Gears Of War Movie Looks To Resident Evil

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A Gears of War movie is coming our way but don’t expect it to be along the lines of Warcraft as it sounds as though it might end up more along the lines of Resident Evil.

We say this as the Resident Evil movies do not follow the games and we are expecting the Gears of War to be the same. We have heard some details about it and the people who worked on Ted and the Kingdom and Rise of the Planet of the Apes are working together.

We have been hearing about a Gears of Wars movie for some time but now it seems that the time is right for it. Rod Fergusson said that the movie may not be a direct adaptation of the narrative of the games. He said that in the past some video game movies failed because people tried to make a movie just for gamers.

Fergusson went on to say that hardcore fans get annoyed when movies deviate from games but one thing for sure is that looser adaptations of games generally do better at the box office.

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