Gears 5: What’s Coming Our Way?

Gears 5 will be getting some new content soon. Here is what we know about all the new content that the game will be getting when the update arrives.

Some of the new features that players can expect to see will include some familiar and new characters when Operation 3: Gridiron arrives on the Xbox One and PC later this month. According to the developer, there will be four new characters coming to all their own unique Ultimates.

Augustus Cole and Clayton Carmine will be added to the Heroes side while the villain list will get Queen Myrrah and Theron Guard. The new Gridiron mode is a one-life competition where players will compete to snatch the flag and score a touchdown. Teams will win the 5v5 mode when they get 13 points.

The update will also come with a new Pahanu map, a jungle map that is complete with an open swamp in the middle of the map. You can check out the trailer for Operation 3: Gridiron below.