Gears 5: Gnasher Finally Getting Nerf!

Most Gears 5 players will be very familiar with Gnasher, the lever-action shotgun that kills instantly when it is too close. Of course, with such power, you can bet that some players have been begging the developer to nerf it. Well, their prayers have been heard.

With the latest patch for Gears 5, the developer has decided to change some of the damage numbers that the weapon has. The update will come with the patch released on the 11th of February. The update would reduce the instant-kill distance that Gnasher has along with the damage for a direct hit which means players will not have to go closer to their opponent to kill them instantly.

They also increase the maximum range of the weapon which means you can deal with a little damage to players at a further distance now. The developer is hoping that these changes would make the weapon less overpowered.