Gears 5 Gets New Free Finisher DLC

Gears 5 will be honoring Batista in their Gears 5 game since he could not be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this week due to the pandemic.

To honor the start, Gears 5 will be getting a free DLC that will come with a new finisher. In the multiplayer mode, there are already a few execution animations but nothing as ruthless as the Batista Bomb.

While in WWE, the move is used to knock down opponents, in the game, Batista Bomb actually explodes enemies upon impact. The Batista Bomb execution is free to down from now until the 20th of April on PC and Xbox One. There will also be a free Batista skin for Marcus Felix.

If you do not own the game and would like to give it a try, Gers 5 is currently being offered on Steam with a 50% discount.

You can check out the Batista Bomb in action below.