Game Of Thrones: Beyond The Wall To Be Released On iOS & Android Soon

Game Of Throne might sound like it is something of the past now, there is actually still a lot of fans out there. Well, for those still looking for some Game Of Thrones content, there will be a few games that will be released on iOS and Android later this month.

Called Beyond The Wall, the game will focus on the original story that is set beyond the wall where players control the Night Warch on the Wall and defend Westeros from the enemies. Players will have to recruit characters from the Seven Kingdoms.

While you wait for the game to arrive, players can pre-register now and earn some special rewards on iOS like the 10,000 copper pennies, 10 Shards of Jon Snow, and Knight of the Vale character. Game of Thrones Beyond The Wall will be released on the 26th of March on iOS and the 3rd of April for Android.