Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 6S Camera: The Obvious Answer

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You’re going to be completely biased if you chose the iPhone 6S in the camera category, because you should know for a fact, the Samsung Galaxy S7 wins, hands-down. Just check out the image above and you’d be surprised (or not surprised) to see that the S7’s image is actually the most usable of the lot.

The image above is actually from a screenshot of a video experimenting the three top phones at the MWC event. You’ll also notice that the image captured from the iPhone 6S has much more noise compared to the one on the S7, particularly if you look near the table/bikes that’s in the background.

Some may argue that it’s not just the noise reduction S7 has proudly accomplished, but also it’s just generally a better image due to a slightly brighter lens and supposedly better sensor. That would be enough to overshadow other Apple fans because they’ve clearly lost the battle here.

Are you excited to see your own S7 in action when it arrives next week?

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