Future Volkswagen Will Be Better At Communicating

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It looks like Volkswagen wants their Volkswagen headlights to do more than just provide illumination. The company has revealed that they are also working to have their headlights become a way to communicate as well.

Volkswagen revealed their new LED headlights that will have a lot more point of lights compared to the current headlights. The 30,000 points of lights will allow the vehicle to display a certain pattern to communicate with the other road users. The demo headlights had a hazard or warning sign to show that something is up ahead and for other drivers to slow down.

Volkswagen also added that the light can project the path of the car to show other drivers and pedestrians where the car will be going to prevent collisions.

We could see how these headlights could be useful in the future but we have no idea when Volkswagen is going to start offering it or if they are going to offer these at all.

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