Future Fallout Game Will Not Fall Into Outsider’s Hand

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Obsidian Entertainment was the lucky few that actually got to work on the Fallout game New Vegas years ago and while they did a great job with the game, it looks like we won’t be seeing another Fallout game from them or any other third developers besides Bethesda Game Studio in the future.

According to Todd Howard, Bethesda’s boss, they would prefer to have the big games developed internally. He added that he would never say never but he did point out that they feel like it would be better to keep stuff internal. He also added that he think Obsidian did a “fabulous” job with the game.

While it would be sad to not see another Fallout game for Obsidian, it does make sense for Bethesda since they have so many studios now, they are more capable of working on their own game compared to where they were back in 2010.

The next Fallout game to arrive would be the new Fallout 76 which is a multiplayer game.

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