Free Games For Xbox Live Gold Members Revealed

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Microsoft has revealed their free new games for members of Xbox Live Gold and we have to say that we think gamers are going to love what it being offered.

Members of Xbox One Gold will be able to get the Rayman Origins game through backward compatibility program. This game is said to be the best 2D game to have ever been launched and it brings with it plenty of fun. You can get the game now and it will be available to download until 31 January 2017.

Killer Instinct Season 2: Ultra Edition is another free game available and you can get this until 15 February 2017.

So if you want to get your hands on two great games and you are a member of Xbox One Gold, you can get them both now for free. Of course it means that Outlast and The Cave won’t be free any longer, but you can get World Of Van Helsing Deathtrap until 31 January.