Frankfurt Motor Show Leaving Frankfurt?

The Frankfurt Motor Show has been around since 1951 but it looks like we will have to say goodbye to it as the organizer is looking to move the event somewhere else leaving Frankfurt behind.

According to the report, Verband der Automobilindustrie, the organizer for the event has now decided to move the event somewhere else since their contract with the Messe Frankfurt event center expired last year.

IAA announce that they were designing a new concept for the 2021 show but did not go into details on what the new concept will be like. The goal is to make the event interesting once more so that those that choose to skip the show last year would consider returning.

Of course, Frankfurt is still one of the location that is in consideration but seven other cities are also being considered including Hamburg, Cologne, Berlin, Munich and more so we will have to wait and see where they go from here.