4th Skyrim DLC: A DeathClaw Will Have You Rethink Your Journey Suggests S&R

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If you have ever played Fallout 3 you will know about a beast called DeathClaw. The beast happens to be one of the most feared in the game.

The S&R blog says that Skyrim could do with a beast such as this. Of course Skyrim does come with monsters of its own in the form of dragons. But there is not a fearsome creature that people want to avoid.

At first dragons put fear into people, however they are really not a challenge and the task of killing them between breaths gets stale.

At first they are thrilling when the control pad starts to shake as the dragon flies over your head. However it gets boring firing arrow upon arrow into the dragon as it breaths out fire.

If players were faced with something like a DeathClaw, it would be feared by all. DeathClaws should not be in the game, just something like them. So what do you think? Is a more frightening beast needed in the next Skyrim DLC or do you think S&R’s suggestions are wrong?

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