Forza Horizon Developer Playground Games Testing New Grounds

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There is no doubt that Playground Games knows how to make a great racing game but what about open world RPG games?

Playground Games has stayed clear from those types of games but they are now looking to try their hands at it. The developer announces that they are working on a new game. They added that the new game would be an open world game with role-playing.

They did not reveal much about the game but that alone is enough to get their fans excited. To make sure the game is actually great, Playground Games did get a few crucial people onboard including Sean Eyestone, senior producer of Star Wars Battlefront II, Juan Fernandez di Simon, Senior Designer for Hellblade and more. They are also looking to hire a creative director and narrative director for the game.

It is said that more than 200 people will be working exclusively on the game.

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