Fortnite Will Let You Fish Now?

Instead of a Season 11, Fortnite fans were given a Chapter 2 this month that came with a long list of new and exciting features. Since Epic Games did not release any patch notes for the upgrade, fans are only learning about the changes as they play the game.

One of the features that were discovered after Chapter 2 arrives as the Fishing feature. The fishing feature will come with the new battle royale map. To do so, you will first need to have a fishing rod which can be found on the beacj or lake-like location. You might also find it in chests.

With the rod, you can go to any body of water and cast out. You will be able to get yourself some bundle of materials, random weapons, Flopper or a Slurpfish. The fish can be used to heal while the weapon are said to be Epic weapons.

What do you think of the new Chapter so far?