Fortnite Update 5.20: What We Know Now

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Epic Games did not reveal anything about what the 5.20 update will be bringing to the game after the maintenance but now that the update has been released, let’s see what the 5.20 patch will have to offer this time around.

The update will bring a new weapon into the game called the Double Barrel Shotgun which according to Epic Games, is a close-range weapon and packs a punch with each of its 2 shots. On top of that, the game will also get a new LTM call Steady Storm.

As the name would suggest the new model release a storm on the map and players will have to watch out for it and avoid it while also taking down enemies. There is no safe zone on the map now. We do not know how long the mode will be available but based on past LTMs, we have at least a week or so to try out the new mode.

Save the World model will also get the new Ragnarok, The Dark Viking which will give players a Mythic Outlander with the ability Seismic Impact. There is also the new Horde Challenges.

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