Fortnite Trivia Houseparty Trivia: Getting It Right Matters

With Epic Games now owning Houseparty, there is no doubt that they will be using it to further enhance their player’s gaming experience with the latest update being a new Fortnite trivia deck and it looks like it does matter that you get the answers right.

According to Fornite, all players would get som in-game reward if there were 20 million correct answers about Fortnite by the 16th of April. You can actually play the trivia on the Chrome browser or on your phone.

Although the game is made for the party and should be played with friends and family, the game can also be played alone which is probably what most people will have to do now that they are stuck at home.

We still do not know what reward Fortnite will give out if the trivia is successful but it will be available globally for all players. The challenge will be ending on the 16th so you have a few more days to get your answers in.