Fortnite: Shopping Cart Back Once More

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Epic Games has been having a lot of issue with their new Shopping Cart. The vehicle was added in not too long ago and since its released, the Shopping Cart has been removed two times but it looks like Epic Games might have managed to iron out all the issues as they announce that the vehicle will be enabled for Battle Royale once more.

The announcement was made on Twitter and while the fans were happy that it is back, a lot of them also teased Epic Games about when the Shopping Cart will be removed once more.

This is the first time Epic Games has offered a vehicle in their popular game and it has, of course, brought with it some unexpected issue. Hopefully, Epic Games has learned enough from it so that the next vehicle is better and less problematic.

The latest update for Fortnite is the new Stink Bomb, a new bomb that does damage over time in an area.