Fortnite Season 6: Stay In The Shadow

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With the Season 6 update comes the new Shadow Stones, a new consumable that will allow players to transform into your Shadow Form. This was introduced when Season 6 update was released but it was later taken away from the game due to some bugs but they have chosen to add it back to the game now.

In Shadow Form, players won’t get to use their weapons but they can go invisible when they stand still. if you move, you will be slightly visible, there will also be a Shadow Trail so people can actually see where you are going but you will have faster movement speed and higher jump.

Then there is also the other supernatural ability like Phase where you get propelled in one direction. You can go through rock or wall so running away from an enemy that is trailing you won’t be that hard.

The stones will spawn randomly on the map and each stone will last 45 seconds if you don’t end them early.

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