Fortnite Popular Limited Time Mode Coming Back Soon

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Playground LTM was a nice addition to the game because it let players enjoy the game, explore and also practice without having to watch their back for enemies all the time but the mode was removed from the game soon after it was released.

Seeing as it was released as a limited time mode, we were not shocked when it was taken out but the fans were hoping that Epic Games would bring it back into the game soon.

According to Epic Games, the Playground mode will be making a comeback on the 25th of July and it will come with a few upgrades including team select options, all-terrain kart and more.

Epic Games will be releasing the full list of changes for the new Playground mode this week in the 5.10 patch notes so fans can look out for that. Epic Games is also celebrating the first anniversary with a set of special quests which will end on the 7th of August.

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