Fortnite Playground Mode Should Not Be A Limited Time Mode

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To keep things interesting for the fans, Fortnite developers will constantly release new features and modes for the game. One of the new modes that were introduced to the game last month was the Playground mode.

The mode was released as a limited time mode which means it will only be there for a short time. While this is common for the game, the fans think that this mode should be kept as part of the game instead of a limited time thing.

According to the fans, perfecting their building skill in the game is pretty challenging and with them having to constantly watch their back for enemies, many of time don’t usually have enough time to actually practice their building skill.

The new Playground mode allows players to do just that and the fans are more than happy with it. That is also one of the reasons why they think Fortnite should keep it in the game forever so that they can practice whenever they want.

According to Epic, the Playground Mode will be removed on the 12th of July. The mode will most likely come back in the near future with more features but we do not know when that would happen.

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