Fortnite Players Will Be Forced To Take A Break

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As Epic Games prepared to release the new patch for the game Fortnite, they are also warning fans that they might be shutting down the game for a short period of time.

The developer announced on Twitter that the release of Patch V.2.4.2 will start on the 8th of February and that there will be a downtime at 4:50 am ET on the same day while matchmaking for Battle Royale will be disabled at 4:25 am ET on the same day.
They did not say how long the downtime will be so players will just have to sit tight and wait while they release the new patch. The patch will be released to the PlayStation 4. Xbox One and PC.

The update will bring in a few new features including Valentine’s Day-themed skins, a Crossbow that has unlimited arrows and also a few bug fixes for the game. Developers also made changes to the mechanic. Now, shotgun headshot damage will be 200% instead of 150%.

There will be more to come as well. The 2.5.0 patch will bring in the Valentine Day event while the 3.0.0 patch will update the music of the game.

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