Fortnite New Limited-Time Mode Arrives with Patch 6.02

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With the new Patch 6.02 update here, Fortnite players will not only get to enjoy some of the new items but they will also get to take part in the new limited-time mode.

The new mode is called Disco Domination. Soon after the patch was released, Epic released another hotfix to increase the score requirement teams need to meet to win and also decrease the rate at which the storm circle closes.

The new mode is all about dancing. Each team will consist of 32 players and the objective will be to dance on the various dance floor all over the island. If you do come across one, you will need to eliminate the other players in the area then emote on the dance floor to raise the disco ball. How fast the ball will rise will depend on the teammates you have on the dance floor.

Besides the new mode, Epic also added in the new Quad Launcher which can fire up to four rockets in quick succession.

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