Fortnite Mystery Continues With The Cube

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The main focuses of Fortnite would be the Battle Royale mode but on top everything that has been going on, there is also something else that has been going on in the background.

Not too long ago, fans started noticing that the rift in the sky was closing and some people speculated that something will happen when the rift finally closes. When the rift close, there was a huge lightning storm and soon after that, players found the mysterious glowing cube in the desert.

Nobody really knows what to expect from the cube but what we do know is that standing near it will rejuvenate a player’s shield but if you attack the cube, it will force players back and deal damage to them. There is also some strange symbols on the cube but so far, nobody has decoded the message yet.

The cube is definitely not hard to find if you would like to check it out yourself.