Fortnite Gives Players Reason To Take On Chest Challenges

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While we do get why the Chest Challenges are important, a lot of people just do not feel like it is worth getting as so many people end up in the same spot and more often than more, you will die before getting to it or die soon after getting it. The frustration was one of the main reason why most people choose to ignore it but Fortnite is now giving the fans another reason to get the Chest Challenges.

Instead of making it a one-stop Chest Challenge, the new Chest Challenge will be more like a treasure hunt where challenges are scattered all over the map on multiple locations so players can go to the area where they step is at instead of everybody just heading to the same location.

That way, players won’t actually have to die to get the chest, they can get the chest first then focus on the game. Although the update is small, we think it would be enough to change how players approach the chest challenges now and it is nice to that Fortnite’s developers are working to make sure the game is fun for all.