Fortnite For Switch Won’t Be Converting Players From Other Platform

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With Fortnite being one of the most popular games right now, it is nice to see that Nintendo Switch players will soon get to join in on all the fun as well but don’t expect the Fortnite Switch release to bring over players from the other console.

Those on PS4 players will never cross over since Sony has restricted cross-play and they won’t want to lose all their progress just to play on the Switch. Although PC and Xbox One players can switch over and keep their progress most of them won’t and here is why.

While it works on the Nintendo Switch, the controller is much more limited on the Switch which means it might take time for Xbox One and PC players to get used to it. It was also revealed that the game’s framerate drops significantly on the Switch so players might have to get used to that as well. It is still playable but if you are used to what the Xbox One and PC was offering, you might be turned off by what the Switch has to offer.

Save The World model is also not available on the Switch right now but that should be added to the game soon.

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