Fortnite Floating Island Causes Havoc

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Fans are still trying to uncover the whole mystery about the mysterious cube in Fortnite. Before Season 6 started, the cube sunk into the lake but it has now risen back up being a giant chunk of land with it.

Players are dubbing it the floating island now and it is causing all sorts of chaos on the map. The moving island looks to be tracing back the same path that the cube took back in Season 5 going back to where the runes are.

Some players reported that it was seen in Pleasant Park which it raised the chunk of land on which the rune rested on. The craters that were created after that does not harm the players but players can bounce off them just like when the cube plunged into Loot Lake.

Data miners also found a “CubeGrowth” folder in the game’s files suggesting that the curve could continue to grow in size.

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