Fortnite Dev Coming For Cheating Streamers

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Cheating while playing games like Fortnite is bad enough but some people went even further and stream themselves cheating in the game and Epic is not going to just let that slide.

According to the reports, Epic Games has filed a suit against two game streamers for showing users how to cheat and to purchase those cheat tools. The streamers that are in hot waters right now includes Brandon Lucas or Golden Modz and Colton Conter or Excentric for breach of contract, violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and “tortious interference”.

Epic is requesting that both streamers’ earnings be disgorged, giving Epic an extra share of their profits and also to pull some of the videos off YouTube. Some people think the punishment feels a little too much but maybe Epic wants to send a message to their players that this kind of actions will not be ignored.

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