Fortnite Could Get New Ruin-Themed Area?

Fortnite developer is constantly trying to introduce new features into the game to keep players on their toes and the game interesting and while we have not heard of what we will be getting in the future, data miners might have uncover some new details about the game.

According to Polygon, dataminers might have found what looks like a new area in the game that is filled with ruins that will be uncovered as the water recedes. The uncovered map was also shown on Reddit. Some people think that this might have something to do with Aquaman that was added to the game to the Battle Pass.

Starting July, the water levels have risen since Season 3 has started receding to allow access to areas that were flooded before so it does match the rumors about the Ruin area surfacing when the water continues to recede.

For now, that is all we can get but we should be learning more soon.