Fortnite Chapter 2 Update Will Not Make You Sweat For Levels

With the arrival of Chapter 2, the fans are diving headfirst into the game and are discovering all sorts of issues with the game. Some players pointed out that with some of the new changes, they are finding it difficult to level up in the game despite the fact that Epic is claiming otherwise.

Well, after reviewing what the fans had to say about leveling up, Epic has now released a new patch for the game that seems to make leveling up much easier now. The new patch, v11.01 is live now and while Epic did not detail what it is about, some fans have pointed out that completing some task will give you more XP now, for example, the daily punch cards used to give players 24,000 XP but it offers 96,000 XP now.

With the update, leveling up the Battle Pass in Chapter 2 will be much easier now and players will have a higher chance of hitting tier 100 before a new season arrives.