Fortnite: Chapter 2 Leaked Suggesting The End

With the arrival of Season 11 for Fortnite, we should expect to see more changes coming to the game and that the game that we know might actually come to an end.

It was previous suggesting that the new in-game event before Season 11 will be named The End and it looks like Fortnite’s developer might really mean it as new leaks of Chapter 2 for Fortnite does seems to supposer that.

New leaked image of Fortnite: Chapter seems to suggest that the game will be rebranded and revamped after this season. It was speculated that the next season will come with a completely new map. The latest tweet also showed the Battle Bus leaving the island that e are so familiar with which seems to support the idea that we will be playing somewhere else when the next season arrives.

The End event is said to start on the 13th of October while the Season 11 start date has not been revealed yet.