Fortnite Celebrates 4th Of July With Sparklers

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It is the time for celebration for people in the US and to join in all the fun, Epic has released a new emote for their game Fortnite so that players can get in the 4th of July mood in the game as well.

The new emote will allow your character to light up a sparkler and wave it around for a little bit before tossing it way. The emote will cost 200 V-Bucks in the in-game item shop. Epic has also released the animation on their Twitter page so you can go there and check it out if you are curious as to how it looks.

Besides releasing the new emote, Epic also released the new Playground LTM for the game. The mode was released late last month but it was later removed after some issues came up. After fixing it, the new mode is now back in the game.

There is also the Version 4.5 update which will bring in a few new weapons to the Save the World and Battle Royale mode.

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