Fortnite App To Skip Google Play Store?

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Epic Games have already announced that they will be porting their Fortnite game to Android soon but it looks like even when the app is ready, you won’t be seeing it on the PlayStore.

According to the CEO of the studio, Tim Sweeney, they will not be offering the app on Play Store as it is more efficient in terms of Economy. He added that by bypassing Google Play, they can avoid the 30% store tax which is smart since Fortnite is already so well known and there is really no need to advertise it on Google’s Play Store.

Of course, the app itself is free but there are also in-app purchases so they would have to pay Google if the app were put on to the Play Store. No word on when the app will be released as well but when it does arrive, you will need to get it from Epic’s website.

The game was offered on the App Store for iOS but that is only because of Apple’s restrictions.

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