Forget Ford Mustang, Bronco Is The Horse We’re Backing

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The 2016 Ford Bronco is likely to be released this year, and especially when it’s heavily-rumoured to be rolled out during the 2016 Detroit Auto Show. If the Ford Bronco really were to be “rebooted” this year, timing-wise, it’s going to mark exactly two decades from the time the old Bronco was removed from production.

Sure, there might be that as an excuse to celebrate, but then again, we should take this rumour like how other rumours are treated: with a pinch of salt. There still isn’t any official word from Ford since their last debut of the Bronco back in 2004’s Detroit Auto Show. There’s also the fact that it could be the next bestselling SUV, and we won’t be surprised if the stylings have changed over the years, since it’s going to look as perfect as it is, right?

So will the Ford Bronco be making the headlines at the upcoming Detroit Show this week? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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