Forget Chevrolet Bolt, Volt 2-Door Looks The Bomb

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Previously we mentioned about The Unwanted Hatchback, and now we’re going to validate it once more. We’re giving you the permission to forget about the Chevrolet Bolt and just move on (no, seriously), because the Volt Coupe looks as sexy as ever. It strikes you as a compact version of the Lamborghini Huracan, but still maintains its conservativeness in a Mazda-ish style of front end styling.

But perhaps we shouldn’t be too pessimistic about the hatchback. After all, it does bear some sort of a resemblance towards BMW’s i3 when you actually see it in the metal during the recent Detroit Auto Show. And the interior of the Bolt is clean and naturalistic-looking, with a big screen that Chevy says is bigger than an iPad, and a shifter-thingy that looks straight out of a BMW as well.

Again, if we were to compare a real car versus a virtual rendering, it would make zero sense (or would it not?), but there’s no denying that the Chevrolet Volt Coupe designed by Theophilus Chin looks like a babe. Anyone here interested to see the rendering come to life?

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