Forget About iPhone 7; The 8th-Gen iPhone Might Have A Wraparound Display

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And it could be the first smartphone in the world in boasting this technology, if rumours are proven to be true (and you might just have another reason to like the iPhone all over again). The iPhone 8 is the next big thing that’s got people talking about lately, and the wraparound display could potentially mark the end of the side bezels on the device.


That’s been suggested by an Apple patent application titled, “Electronic Device with Wrapped Display”, which reveals a device with a display that literally covers most of its exterior; one that really wraps the device from side to side. In order to accomplish this, Apple has to use a flexible OLED display panel or some sort of flexible screen technology. And to protect the display from damage, Apple proposes using a hard material like glass or sapphire.

Well, we actually think it’s a really cool concept and it could be a major comeback for the company (if iPhone 7 fails miserably). What are your thoughts on this new patent?

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