Ford’s Prius Rival Plan Did Not Work Out

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When Toyota came out with the Prius a few years ago, Ford brought out the Ford C-Max Hybrid and Ford C-Max Energi plug-in hybrid to compete with it. While things were only getting better for Prius, it definitely took the turn for the worst when it came to the Ford C-Max.

According to Ford, the Ford C-Max Energi will production has already ended while the C-Max Hybrid production will be ending mid next year. Of course, most people won’t be surprised to hear the news since things did not start out great for both models.
Owners of the vehicle were quick to notice that the C-Max was not returning as much as Ford had promise. Ford had to lower the EPA rating of the Hybrid model twice and Energi once before it was correct.

But the time Ford got it right, it was already too late for the Prius rival and things just went downhill from there. Ford will still be offering a new electric compact in the near future called the Model E but we will only see that in 2019 or 2020.

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