Ford ST And RS Is Inspiration For Kia GT

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If you aren’t yet a fan of the Kia GT then now might be an excellent time to become one. The carmaker has offered up some superb vehicles over the years and now they are heading into the road legal performance vehicle market.

Kia said earlier this year that they were launching a vehicle that would have the name of the Kia GT and that the vehicle is based around the concept of the GT that they showed off in 2011. However this isn’t going to be the only performance vehicle to come from the name brand.

Kia said that the Kia GT will be a nameplate for some of the performance trims based on existing vehicles. This means that they are taking inspiration from the Ford ST and RS by using the GT in the same way.

This is going to be an exciting time for fans of Kia vehicles, as the company is going to launch some performance vehicles. We cannot to see what the Kia GT is going to do when it comes up against the Ford RS.

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