Ford Ranger vs Honda Ridgeline: Which Comes Out Ahead?

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There are many fans of the Honda Ridgeline in the US but then again there are also many who would like to see the Ford Ranger take it on. But which would come out ahead?

The Honda Ridgeline offers up the 3.5 litre V6 engine and the fuel ratings on the vehicle are said to be good.

The Honda Ridgeline meanwhile has the Intelligent Terrain Management system so that owners are able to choose different modes of driving based on the terrain. This includes normal, mud, sand and snow.

When the Honda Ridgeline does come to the market we know that it is going to offer a superb range of features and this is going to include the Honda Sensing Suite with forward collision warning, lane departure and lane keeping.

At the moment the Honda Ridgeline is in the lead as the Ford Ranger hasn’t yet made an appearance. But could the Ranger beat the Ridgeline?

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