Ford Mustang vs Ford Focus RS: Competition For Limited Vision

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The Ford Focus RS has a new engine along with new design and the vehicle is packed full of features. But is this a vehicle that is going to be able to impress those with a Ford Mustang.

One Ford Mustang driver was on Reddit and he talked about the experience that he had when he had to drive the Ford Focus RS as his Mustang was in for a service.

One of the first things that he said he noticed when getting behind the wheel of the Ford Focus RS was the blind spots, in comparison to his Ford Mustang. He also said that the interior of the RS was better looking as it made the cabin of the Mustang look cheap. He had plenty of good to say about the Ford.

He was driving the Ford Focus RS which came with the 2.3 litre 4 cylinder engine and this offered up 350 horses and torque. It offered around 25mpg out on the highway and 19mpg when in the city.

But which of these two vehicles would you prefer to own, would you choose the Ford Mustang or instead go out and get the Ford Focus RS?

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