Ford Mustang Surrenders To Electrified Future At Last

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It is looking as though finally Ford is going to hand over the Ford Mustang to electrification as they are planning to bring out 13 EVs within the next five years. They have announced seven of them today along with the news of the huge policy move.

Ford are rebranding and heading towards offering cleaner vehicles by expanding into electric and autonomous vehicles. They also said that they would like to offer up new mobility solutions.

Ford has plans to build hybrid vehicles of the Ford Mustang and the F-150 truck and they aim to have them on the market by 2020. The Mustang is expected to have a V8 engine and lower end torque.

We are also going to see police officers make the move to hybrid vehicles from Ford and it is thought that the vehicles will be the Taurus along with the Explorer based Interceptor and the Interceptor Utility pursuit vehicles.

If you want a vehicle that can haul things around you are not going to be left out as Ford is planning to offer a plug-in hybrid Transit, which should make its way to the European market in 2019.

Over in the US there is an SUV coming out and this will have a range of 300 miles and should arrive by 2020 and it could come in cheaper than the rival Tesla Model X.

So it looks like the Ford Mustang and other vehicles are finally going to be made available in greener forms.

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